Rice purity Test

June 2, 2021

Rice Test is not about testing the quality of Rice, or you will have to provide some information on Rice. In fact, it is related to studying human characteristics and behavior under some specific conditions. Rice purity test is a test introduced by the Rice University, Huston, Texas, United States of America. That is why it is named Rice purity test; in reality, it is not linked with Rice at all.

In 1924, at Rice University, the Rice purity test was created to check the student’s maturity level. The initial purpose of the test was to check the compatibility of junior students with seniors. Moreover, the university was trying to evaluate the student’s based on their purity. Initially, it was the only test for girls, but lately, it was used for the boy’s evaluation as well. In the test, there are 100 different categories, and every category has a question. All these questions are from a human’s personal life to evaluate a composite result. It might be difficult for some people to give answers to such questions based on their choice, but these days, it seems fun to people.

Since it was formed, the test got numerous versions to improve it from the previous one. Right now, the test is accessible to everyone. Anyone who wants to take the test just needs internet access and device to reach up to the site.

Moving forward from Rice University, the test has been used by the institutions globally to know more about students. Other than students, many individuals prefer to have a personality scaling definitely go for the test and try to improve himself or herself as a person. Overall, it can be a good thing to test your social compatibility and improve overall personality.

What is Rice Purity Test?

It is a college-level student survey to check the level of innocence and purity of the students. The purpose is to evaluate the level of bonding by students with their seniors and their teachers. The tests started with the concept of collecting a sum of 100 questions related to some personal and sensational questions. The students were asked about some personal emotions and activities related to alcohol, sex, drugs, being kinky, and much more.


To have a Rice Purity Test, one should go to the official website Rice Purity Test Official and solve the 100 questions based questionnaire. In the tests, you have only two options of clicking yes or not. After checking all the questions, you need to calculate the results, and it will be done. As a result, you will get a percentage from zero to 100 on the accumulative scale for all the questions. Remember, it is your personal test, so you will not get any of the comparisons of population results at the end of the test.

Alcohol, sex, drugs, violence, law-breaking, and other different kinds of naughty activities will be the main gest of 100 questions. The purpose of developing the test was to create a sense of maturity among students by keeping a check on their activities. While now, people are curious to know such characteristics as an adventure.

History of Rice Purity Test

First-ever purity test was written in1980 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Baker House. In the first copy, there were two versions, one for male and second for females. The purpose was to consider the male and female differences in consideration.

While the second copy written in 1983 at Carnegie Mellon University was unisex. In the 247 questions, there were questions for both sexes, and making is generic for every individual out there. Over the years, numerous versions were appearing of the test, and in 1995 a 2000 questions version came on stage. In the resent ear, tests developed some purity even on the application and social media platforms as well.

Rice Purity test for boys

The purpose of Rice purity test for boys is to know the character of some one or yourself. It helps the person to improve the worse daily life habits.

About 95 year ago Rice University introduce the rice purity test for students. Through this test they always judge the students about his character, maturity and experience. So, basically this test is consisting of 100 short question. Which type of question they ask?

In the rice purity test for boys they ask every personal question which we have never discussed with anyone. Like have you ever drink alcohol or do you smoke and related to sex life etc. Also, they don’t share your information. You just need to answer in simple one word yes or no that is. After 100 question they will show you the result. So, 0 is the lowest purity score and 100 is the greatest. So, if you got bad score don’t worry about it.

But this test will help, if you want to improve your character like if you are addicted to alcohol then stop drinking and improve your daily life bad activities. After improvement check your rice purity test and you will definitely find your self totally changed.

Rice Purity test for girls

Rice purity test was introduced by the rice university in 1924 to check the purity of the student. But now people decide their partner on the basis of Rice purity test. After the increase of virginity every boy want  Rice purity test for girls to know the purity. Also, many people check it just for fun.

The Actual purpose of this test is to know the purity and to improve the bad habits. Rice purity test for girls is consist of 100 questions. In this test they ask all the personal question related to teen age, Sex life, education as well as about crimes. When you start the test, they will provide you 2 options “yes” and “no”. After completing the test, they will calculate and give you result. 0 means low purity score and 100 means best purity score.

After completing rice purity test for girls don’t be depressed if you got low purity score. Try to avoid bad habits improve your character. You can again check your purity score after one or two months. You can easily check your Rice purity test online. As there are so many website available which show accurate result.

Why do you need to check your rice purity test?

People do have a habit of asking others about themselves. They want to know from others how they are doing in life as a person. Instead, they can take the Rice Purity test. It will help them to know some important and effective things about themselves. The test gives you some of the real stats about your personality that no other person can ever tell you because you will never confess some of the very personal things to any other person.

For students at Rice University, it is a yearly test. It is part of the orientation program and remains the same for the whole college life. It helps the students to evaluate themselves as a person for good.

Rice Purity Test Scores meaning

Once you are done with the test questions, then you will get the results. You will always get the results in a percentage that varies in every case. When you are taking the test to groom your personality and lifestyle, then you should know about the scoring procedure and its meaning as well. Here we have the scoring limit and range explained that would help you to know more about the percentage you have.

  • SCORE: 100-98

The top most and highest score range that is a sign of warning in purity test. Although getting the highest position is good, but in these tests, it is a danger. If you have, score in a range, that means you have the chance or have adopted some criminal activities in life. It indicates that you have some of the witty experiences and ideas about life and events. The people belong to the families of politicians, and rich business persons or celebrities do have more chances to be in this score range.

  • SCORE: 97-94

This category is about such students or people who are not satisfied with their achievements and looking forward towards better accomplishments. They have a hunger for more and want to get something advanced. In comparison to the previous category, that is, a bit disciplined and have a firm personality. However, the test does have more chances to fall in the last category in the short run.

  • SCORE: 93-77

The student who belongs to the lower middle class belongs to this result range. As a whole, a majority of the test participant lies in this category. These are the sensitive, hardworking, and artistic in nature. They want to work with honest, do their best to achieve the better, and want to be successful using all the right means. It is a kind of safe and good average for an individual with progressive nature.

  • SCORE: 76-45

The score range is rare, as very few students or participants come on board with introvert nature. Commonly such people do hesitate to be part of any such test, and then they do they can lie sometimes. Such people like to keep secrets and avoid public approaches and do not have much confidence to face others in-crowd.


The range of results below 45 seems to be a danger and requires SOS call. Such students, so people need help and care. They may be suffering from any kind of physical or psychological disorder. They are not fit in the common structure of society and have so many insecurities as well.

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